Why Outsourcing Your IT Can Be the Best Move You Make for Your Growing Enterprise

Is your business rapidly scaling up? Do you find that where previously, you were a small team working on your own computers and phones, you are now a proper ‘company’, with a network and an IT infrastructure? Many small businesses, as they succeed and expand into medium sized enterprises, find that their need for cohesive IT grows far faster than their ability to implement and manage it.

The Changing IT Needs of a Growing Business

While a small business with just a few staff can get by without hardware policies and manage with the same kind of software and security as a home user, once you have a larger team working from different locations, your needs will become more like those of a ‘proper’ company. If this is the situation your business is currently in, you may well find, as many others have done, that the best solution by far is to outsource IT services, support, security and infrastructure. Here are some of the reasons this can be such a great decision:

IT Is Mission Critical

There are very, very few types of business left to whom IT is not mission critical. Would you lose out on leads or sales if your website was down? Would you be able to operate if your staff were unable to access their company email? Do you have internal databases that contain all of your vital client information? Ask yourselves these questions and it becomes clear that you need your IT more than almost anything else to function properly as a business. Because of this, you need it managed and looked after by professionals, and you need a fast resolution within an expected timeframe should you have any technical issues.

Outsourcing Is Cheaper Than Doing it in House

Not only is your IT critical, but your needs are diverse. It is no longer adequate just to have a general ‘IT guy’ on your staff. You need people who can help your staff with any technical problems. You need people to monitor your enterprise IT security. You need infrastructure and network specialists on hand, and experts to help you upgrade and roll out new software when you need it. You need your website to be maintained and supported. All of these things require people with different skills, and are unlikely to be things you need a person in place full time to do, so it would be incredibly expensive to try and create an adequate in house team, who’d ultimately spend a lot of time twiddling their thumbs! Equally, trying to get members of your team in other roles to take on areas of IT never works very well, as the need for IT support is often of the ‘drop everything and fix it now’ variety.

By outsourcing to a professional IT company, for example Masergy, you can have all areas of your IT professionally managed by specialists in the fields you need, with just a contract that states what you will pay and what you can expect for your money. This is by far the easiest path when your business is rapidly expanding.

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