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5 ways that tech has changed how we shop

Technology has transformed the way we live our lives, and one of the industries that’s been most affected by the rolling out of evermore sophisticated technology is shopping. New devices and systems have revolutionised the retail experience, and those firms that fail to ride the digital wave are fast getting left behind. Here are five of the ways that tech has changed how we shop. 1) Blurring the lines between homes and the high street In the past, there was a sharp distinction between the home Read more [...]

How technology has transformed the workplace

Over the past couple of decades, advancements in technology have revolutionised the business world. With the potential to bolster productivity and efficiency, many companies have been quick to embrace these new technological developments in order to to improve business performance and gain a competitive edge. Here’s a look at how technology has transformed the way we do business. Mobility With the added flexibility to work from any location, workforces can be far more productive when away from Read more [...]

4 Simple Ideas That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Website Appear In Better Positions On Google

If you’re a website newbie, you probably need some advice when it comes to search engine optimization. Regardless of the nature of your business and what you do to create income, the internet is most certainly your friend. It’s a place where you can gain access to almost any market in the world, and it’s an amazing tool for promoting your brand. That said; there are many things you can do to improve the results you experience. Tailoring your website and performing basic tasks could help you Read more [...]

Creative Copyright: The Key to Understanding Intellectual Property

Imagine the first person who ‘invented the wheel.’ Should they have prospered from the fruits of their mind’s thought and subsequent invention? Separately, should society benefit from the invention of others, even granted access to the intellectual thoughts and subsequent blueprints of productions? Intellectual property, trademarks and copyright deal with ownership of thoughts, benefits of society and commerce between small and major brands. Consider the following information to understand Read more [...]

Wearable Tech for Business

Until recently, wearable technology was confined to the realms of science fiction. However, in the modern business world, these innovative solutions are now very much a fact of daily life for many workers. There are a host of useful solutions for firms to take advantage of. This brief guide details some of the most important products now available, as well the advantages these solutions can bring to companies across the globe. Data capture devices Wearable data capture solutions such as those offered Read more [...]

Could Tablets Made by Supermarket be Key to Affordable Mobile Devices?

The last year or so has seen the rise (and rise) of the tablet device; ideal for users that want to stay connected wherever they are, tablets have become THE way to surf the web on the go. With the growth in popularity, market leaders such as Apple, Google and Amazon have been releasing more advanced products at every turn. With the recent news that supermarket retail giant Tesco is releasing their very own tablet just in time for Christmas, we take a closer look at whether this home-grown device Read more [...]

Why Should I Get a Video on My Website

For those unsure of whether videos can help their SEO marketing campaigns, there is no clear-cut answer unfortunately. However, although inputting videos onto your site cannot guarantee an increase in traffic, it definitely will not hurt your visitor numbers either. In fact, there are many indications that an efficiently placed video will boost your appeal to both search engines and viewers.   Studies suggest that videos are becoming more popular with web users; they are more engaging Read more [...]

5 Effective Content Marketing Tips to Improve your Trade

Modern technology has enabled a lot of companies to improve on their sales through the use of the internet. However, the internet can also make or break a business. It can either help you make your business succeed or be the opposite. For a marketer to be successful in promoting things online, he or she must use a combination of wit and various other skills. A Diligent Researcher Firstly, a marketer must be a diligent researcher for him or her to be able to prepare a material that would Read more [...]

Accessory Gadgets: Who Said Fashion Couldn’t Be Useful?

Gadgets that you use by holding them in your hand have become a thing of the past, just take a look at these accessories that are wearable but double up as useful gadgets! To the person who said fashion couldn’t be useful: eat your words my friend!   Gaming Vest Ok so you probably wouldn’t wear this out anywhere other than in front of your television, but it’s still a gadget you can wear! The gaming vest has been produced by Nintendo Wii and let’s you “step into” the game. Read more [...]