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How to Grab ‘Tech Tips’ Videos and Save Them on a PC

If you’re interested in learning more about tech, software or anything computer-related in general – looking for some of the ‘tech tips’ videos that are out there is a great way to get started. Whether it is a full-fledged guide or tutorial, or even just a compilation of helpful tips – these videos are an amazing resource of information that you should definitely tap into. While it is easy enough to find the videos you need on online video streaming platforms such as YouTube – that will Read more [...]

How Long Does a Custom Medical Cart Take to Design and Manufacture?

If you’ve been considering embarking on a custom medical cart design project, you’re probably trying to work out how long the project will take from start to finish. If you speak to a company who does this regularly like DeviceLab, they’ll tell you that quite often they have to work to deadlines in order to achieve FDA approval, or to be ready in time for a product launch. But what can a timeline tell you about the cart provider, and will it really hurt if you miss your deadline? Keep reading Read more [...]

Why Converting Image Formats is Useful and Necessary

Unless you’re a graphic designer, digital artist, photographer or in some other role where you handle images on a daily basis – you probably have very little or no idea why there are so many types of image formats. From TIFF to JPG, PNG, GIF, and so on – it may even seem as though there are too many different types of image formats to make sense. That being said, the truth is that each image format is unique in some way or other and at times converting image formats is both useful and necessary. Read more [...]

Why Outsourcing Your IT Can Be the Best Move You Make for Your Growing Enterprise

Is your business rapidly scaling up? Do you find that where previously, you were a small team working on your own computers and phones, you are now a proper 'company', with a network and an IT infrastructure? Many small businesses, as they succeed and expand into medium sized enterprises, find that their need for cohesive IT grows far faster than their ability to implement and manage it. The Changing IT Needs of a Growing Business While a small business with just a few staff can get by without Read more [...]

Looking Back- Winamp as the Best Mp3 Player for Windows

Owing to huge advancements in technology, there has been an outburst of Mp3 players for Windows OS over the past decade. Nonetheless, in such intense war also we just can’t forget the player who started it all and that is none other than Winamp. This primary Mp3 player was created in 1997 by Justin Frankel and Dmitry Boldyrev and there was an instant buzz all around. Aptly referred to as the original media player, Winamp is flexible enough to sync with your iPod and other modern devices as well. Read more [...]

The pros and cons of self-checkout

Consumers now have high expectations when they step into retail outlets. As well as being able to access impressive products, they want to benefit from a slick and convenient shopping experience, and to provide this, retailers are increasingly turning to technology. As point of sale (POS) specialists CJ Retail Solutions note, the opportunities for using digital POS solutions are now endless - and this is where the self-checkout can come into its own. When used well, this technology can dramatically Read more [...]
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5 ways that tech has changed how we shop

Technology has transformed the way we live our lives, and one of the industries that’s been most affected by the rolling out of evermore sophisticated technology is shopping. New devices and systems have revolutionised the retail experience, and those firms that fail to ride the digital wave are fast getting left behind. Here are five of the ways that tech has changed how we shop. 1) Blurring the lines between homes and the high street In the past, there was a sharp distinction between the home Read more [...]

How technology has transformed the workplace

Over the past couple of decades, advancements in technology have revolutionised the business world. With the potential to bolster productivity and efficiency, many companies have been quick to embrace these new technological developments in order to to improve business performance and gain a competitive edge. Here’s a look at how technology has transformed the way we do business. Mobility With the added flexibility to work from any location, workforces can be far more productive when away from Read more [...]

4 Simple Ideas That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Website Appear In Better Positions On Google

If you’re a website newbie, you probably need some advice when it comes to search engine optimization. Regardless of the nature of your business and what you do to create income, the internet is most certainly your friend. It’s a place where you can gain access to almost any market in the world, and it’s an amazing tool for promoting your brand. That said; there are many things you can do to improve the results you experience. Tailoring your website and performing basic tasks could help you Read more [...]

Creative Copyright: The Key to Understanding Intellectual Property

Imagine the first person who ‘invented the wheel.’ Should they have prospered from the fruits of their mind’s thought and subsequent invention? Separately, should society benefit from the invention of others, even granted access to the intellectual thoughts and subsequent blueprints of productions? Intellectual property, trademarks and copyright deal with ownership of thoughts, benefits of society and commerce between small and major brands. Consider the following information to understand Read more [...]